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The technicians at Mountain View Pest Control have the experience and technology to eliminate bed bugs from your property and residence.
We will create a custom pest control plan for your home or business. Our technicians are committed to eliminating your pests completely. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll come back at no cost. Call us today for a free custom quote, plus when you pre-pay for a year of service we will give you 10% off.

Throughout the last few years, more and more people are experiencing bed bug infestations in their home.
We offer traditional pesticide methods for eliminating these unwanted pests. This method is a two step process and is very effective. We treat your home with our custom pesticide twice, two weeks apart. This process is totally effective and will leave your home bed bug free.

Preparing for Your Traditional Bed Bug Treatment

If you opt for the traditional method of bed bug exterminator service, there are a few things you can complete ahead of time to assist our technicians. Treatment and preparations will vary based on the area and furnishings where bed bugs are present.

1.Preparing the Bed: Typically, all bedding will need to be removed and the bed frame taken apart. All sheets and bedding need to be carefully removed, bundled and then placed in a large plastic bag. Bedding should be laundered in the hottest water possible and dried on the hottest dryer setting fabric will tolerate. Items that cannot be washed should be professionally dry cleaned. In addition please prepare your drapes, pillows and decorative throw pillows the same way.

2. Preparing the Room: In the bedrooms, all clothing must be removed from drawers and placed into plastic bags. This clothing needs to be washed in the same manner as the bedding mentioned in previous step.

3. Preparing the Closet: Clean out the floor of the closet. Do not leave anything on the floor that you do not want treated. Shoes are often overlooked. Hanging clothes may be left on the rod, however, Mountain View Pest Control recommends that you wash and dry ALL clothing, linens, bedding, etc. to guarantee the best possible service.

4. De-Cluttering: This is an excellent time to remove clutter from your rooms and home. Bag and throw away any items you will not use again. Our technicians can treat stuffed animals. Treatment will not leave any residue, making them safe to handle after the treatment.

5. Remove Pets: Any pets and domestic birds will need to be removed from the premises. Turn off any air filters running on aquariums and then seal any aquarium openings off with tape and plastic.

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At Mountain View Pest Control, we offer professional and thorough extermination services, including our custom pest control service tailored to fit your budget and needs. We offer a wide variety of pest control services with a focus on the safety of your family and property.

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  • “Awesome company. Do what they say when they say. Great customer service and they get the problem taken care of. ”

    Malise S.
  • “Reasonable prices for excellent work. I've been using them for almost a year now and I am never disappointed. They have always been on time, and willing to change the schedule if need be. Even if you leave a message after hours they listen and get back to you as soon as they can. Alan is wonderful and the technician who usually comes to my house is so friendly, just a genuinely nice person (sorry I don't remember your name!) I would recommend them to anyone in the valley!”

    Emma L.
  • “We live in West Summerlin and have a bark scorpion problem.  Typically they were in the back yard and garage and I saw no more than 15 a year. This year I have had at least 30 and it is only June; there are new homes going up near us and I believe the construction and plant importing has increased the population.  Last night I had one inches from both of my bare feet in the house.  I called Mountain View at 3 am and left a message asking them to come out later that morning.  They open at 7 am, I got a call at 7:10 and Alan came out and sprayed the inside for us. Great service.”

    Todd T.
  • “Your pigeon control remedies work great! Pigeons are all over my neighbors roofs, making their houses, windows and solar screens look terrible. I haven't had a spot of pigeon droppings on my windows or patios since your technician applied the application. The pigeons now avoid my house altogether. I can't thank you enough for an awesome service, at an awesome price! Thank you!”

    Jill P.

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