Mountain View Pest Control of Las Vegas provides professional, exterminator and pest removal services for scorpions and all other pests. Las Vegas, Nevada, is home to many bugs and insects and is especially known for scorpions. Las Vegas pest control services are essential in keeping your family safe from these dangerous creatures. If you are in need of an exterminator for scorpion removal contact us at Mountain View Pest Control. Call 702-568-1857

Nevada is home to almost two dozen varieties of these arachnids in addition to their cousins, and many of them can be found in the Las Vegas area. Distant relatives to spiders and ticks, they prefer to call outdoors home. But as we humans increasingly take over their turf they will make their way into our homes.  These small animals search for food, water, and shelter which inevitably make us come into contact. While most Nevada species are harmless, some contain potent enough venom to cause serious reactions after a stinging in some humans and pets. Because of this, it’s best that these creatures and property owners have separate residences.

Las Vegas Scorpions Control

While it can be possible to remove these animals with a DIY approach, most often you the property owner can’t keep up with the demands of keeping attractants (water, shelter, food) off properties. Sometimes, a colony is already well established on a property and professional pest control efforts are needed to be effective. If you need assistance in the extermination of scorpions call us right away. We are a professional pest control company with a high rating at the Better Business Bureau. We also won the Angie’s List Super Service Award 6 years in a row.

Exterminator of Scorpions

The use of professional specialists in removing these invaders guarantees both the extermination of the scorpions, and the safety of all property users. Mountain View Pest Control’s technicians are thoroughly trained and well experienced in these areas.

Superior Service Guarantee

In addition to extermination and preventative maintenance, Mountain View Pest Control guarantees superior service by offering reports, follow-up “quality control” visits, and emergency service for unexpected “visitors.” Our technicians will work with clients for as long as they are needed.

Payment Options

Payment hassles are the last thing property owners want to deal with when dealing with infestations, so for their convenience, we offer both paper invoicing, and an online payment method.

Location Types

Scorpions are not particular where they look for food, shelter, and water, so Mountain View Pest Control services residences, businesses, commercial and industrial park areas.

Affordable Las Vegas Scorpion Control Service

Summer means even more chances for encounters with this type of pest, so call today for a consultation and estimate. Find out why Mountain View Pest Control is your best option for keeping Nevada’s less appealing wildlife off of your property.

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