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Mountain View Pest Control of Las Vegas provides all types of pest control services in Southern Nevada including pigeon control. If you live in the Las Vegas Valley and you think you have a pigeon problem contact us right away.

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Pigeons can be irritating pests that can be noisy and spread their feces around your roof and property. If you have a pigeon problem, contact us at Mountain View Pest Control and we will humanely remove those unwanted birds immediately. With our Las Vegas Pigeon Control services we will remove, clean up and block off the problem areas around your home.

Pigeon Control

Las Vegas Pest Control Tip Of The Week

It’s time for your pest control tip of the week brought to you by our friends from Mountain View Pest Control. This morning we’re going to introduce you to a pigeon named sunshine. Now you’ve probably seen sunshine or her friends around. They live on your property perhaps on an apartment roof. They’re gonna build a nest invite friends over make “cooing” sounds you could hear all day long. Besides that, what they leave behind isn’t always pretty.

For example droppings. Mountain View Pest Control will come and clean up the mess without hurting the pigeon or pigeons. They even block off the entrance to their homes so they can’t get in. You see those little mini eggs.

It’s nasty. If you’re having a problem with pigeons or any type of pest issue of call Mountain View Pest Control. They specialize in providing high-quality exterminating services to residential and commercial properties throughout the Greater Las Vegas area. You want more information just call the number or head to the website you see on your screen. This pest control tip of the week brought to you by our friends at Mountain View Pest Control.

Mountain View Pest Control of Las Vegas provides all types of pest control services in Southern Nevada including the removal and exclusion of pigeons. Therefore, we offer all types of insect extermination including antscockroachescricketsscorpions and spiders. We can even exterminate rodents and eliminate bed bugs from your home or office. Call (702) 568-1857!