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Mountain View Pest Control of Las Vegas provides all types of pest control services in Southern Nevada including Scorpion Control. If you live in the Las Vegas Valley and you think you have a scorpion infestation contact us right away.

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Scorpions can be dangerous pests and can sneak right into your yard and even into your home. If you have a problem, contact us at Mountain View Pest Control and we will exterminate the scorpions immediately. With our Las Vegas Pest Control services we will exterminate and identify the problem areas around your home.


Las Vegas Pest Control Tip Of The Week

Time for your pest control tip of the week brought to you by our friends from Mountain View Pest Control. This week we’re talking about scorpions. The most common scorpion found in the Las Vegas area is the Arizona Bark.

This scorpion is a wanderer. They can climb over your block walls and right into your yard. From there, they can gain access into your home through small cracks, around doors and garages. They can live up to six years and every few months can give birth up to 30 scorpion babies.

Your home can be the perfect place for scorpions to raise its family. To protect yours from these, yourself rather from these critters make sure all cracks and openings around your home are sealed properly. Contact Mountain View Pest Control to help you prevent this pest and others from invading your home.

They have affordable service plans that are effective in combating the potential deadly effect of a scorpion sting. For more information check out your website again this pest control tip of the week brought to you by Mountain View Pest Control.

Mountain View Pest Control of Las Vegas provides all types of pest control services in Southern Nevada including the extermination of scorpions. Therefore, we offer all types of insect extermination including antscockroachescrickets and spiders. We can even remove pigeonsrodents and eliminate bed bugs from your home or office. Call (702) 568-1857!

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