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Mountain View Pest Control of Las Vegas provides all types of exterminator services in Southern Nevada including Cockroach extermination. If you live in the Las Vegas Valley and you think you have an infestation of Cockroaches contact us right away.

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We know that when the weather in Las Vegas gets hotter the bugs outside need a place to cool down, but your house is not an option! You can keep those unwanted cockroaches away with our Las Vegas Pest Control services! We can customize the perfect cockroach extermination plan for your house and more!


Las Vegas Pest Control Tip Of The Week

Time for the pest control tip of the week. Brought to you by our friends from Mountain View Pest Control. There are four thousand five hundred species of cockroaches in the world, but just 30 are considered pests. Common ones hear in the valley include the American cockroach and the Oriental cockroach or water bug. Here’s the picture of the water bug.

Cockroaches Las Vegas Pest Control


Did you know cockroaches can grow up to two inches long and are omnivores. They live up to a year and can even run three-and-a-half miles an hour. They thrive in warm and damp environments like sewers, sprinkler system boxes and storm coverts. And get this, it’s believed the female cockroach can lay around 150 eggs in and around the home. The eggs hatch as the weather warms.

Peak times of infestation are March through October. They enter through small cracks around your doors. They carry diseases like salmonella or rather on their legs and can easily spread and transmit diseases to the things we eat. If you have problems contact Mountain View Pest Control, they specialize in getting rid of these critters. A phone number and website for more information right there on your screen. Again this pest control tip of the week brought to us by and Mountain View Pest Control.

Mountain View Pest Control of Las Vegas provides all types of pest control services in Southern Nevada including the extermination of cockroaches. Therefore, we offer all types of insect extermination including antscockroachescricketsscorpions and spiders. We can even remove pigeonsrodents and eliminate bed bugs from your home or office. Call (702) 568-1857!

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